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[2018.08.31] Day of Dwarves

Author[2018.08.31] Day of Dwarves
Astrologers proclaim the Day of Dwarves! Only today:

  • Lords and Ladies of this faction earn +20% faction skill points in all battles.
  • Lords and Ladies of this faction enjoy the effect of the Potion of Skill in all battles.
  • All players are much more likely to encounter this faction's creatures in Hunters' Guild, Thieves' Guils and Mercenaries' Guild battles.
  • I highlight this --->> all battles.

    Say you have Full Dwarf Castle, but 0 FSL...
    ... You can play MT today! :P
    No full Dwarf castle :(
    Perhaps a day to expect more dwarves in the tournament, so to be a build as a good counter to them
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