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[2018.09.02] Day of Group Battles


Author[2018.09.02] Day of Group Battles
Astrologers proclaim the Day of Group Battles! Only today:

  • For victory in all group battles with three or more combatants, all members of the Commanders' Guild receive +1 point towards that Guild, while all others receive +0.2 points towards the Hunters' Guild.
  • In all group battles with three or more combatants, all players receive half the usual experience points.
  • would a CG group battle fall under these group battles?
    "Normal" GB becomes "Playable"?
    And actual CG gives one more CG point on win?
    Also, why do this Day in the middle of Minor Tournament?
    Discourages people from playing MT, and pushes them to GB and CG.
    Or is it intentional?
    Well, you can always pause MT

    I mean it lasts a long time for the amount it takes to play it

    I am gonna go have some fun with min arts :D
    Meshy gains 8 exp, +1 CG points and 0 skill points.

    Well that was good :D
    Is this not going to mean lots of people just ignore the min AP request to get the easy CG points in group battles. Sure it is rude, but no actual consequence will be enforced? I can see a lot of annoyed people by consequence.
    It's gonna happen and already has :D
    Is it technically a staged battle if an alt joins a massively unfair battle, of 3 vs 1 etc? Lots of pseudo staged battled, depending upon how you define it I guess.

    Not really right or within the spirit of the game is it, even if I may benefit from what is a legal exploit.
    So CG days give 3 free battles and group battles day give min AP CG points for virtually no exp by setting up staged click baits for level 3?

    Even with half xp, you can only really fight the low levels to get a decent ratio
    So this one is more like 'Day of staged group battles for free CG points using alt chars'. yeah glorious indeed
    Isnt that illegal? To join with your Alts
    I was just in 21 + 21 vs 12 + 15 on random, you should think they would put in a rule such as the one in clan pvp to stop such unfair battles giving free cg points
    Isnt that illegal? To join with your Alts

    Only if you and your alt are in the same combat.

    3.8.1. Participation of several characters played from one computer in one combat is prohibited.
    Lol, such stupidity. Im not even gonna try play Normal GB.

    Most people would go in with Enchants/Full Sets, to ensure the win 100%...
    > Then I wonder "Whats the point of GB, if its more expensive than CG?"

    > Also, I find pretty much "Evil" trying to get Low Levels to go in, through Click Baits.
    I swear its a very very "Dirty" Tool. Actually I dare say "Lame".

    And no, Im not "Judging" anyone doing it in ".Com", Im just saying I wont do that thing, for "Reasons".
    Anyone is free to do what they want.

    I may just play CG.
    If I win, I get 2 CG, no? (1 usual + 1 of Day)...
    Then so be it.
    Sorry, went "Mad" in last Post xD

    Idk, it just feel like a "Competition" to see who can create more Clickbaits, or who can join fast with Enchants, or whatever.

    I mean, still a "Legit" way to get CG, but meh...
    Find some friends

    Arrange some group battles with auto

    Have fun.
    Whatever I might even try this... Ew Lol.

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