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[2018.09.10] Day of Haste

Author[2018.09.10] Day of Haste
Astrologers proclaim the Day of Haste! Only today:

  • All lords and ladies and their creatures get +4 initiative in all duels, group battles, and Commanders' Guild battles.
  • Is it worth going mage ? 4 ini for hero sounds prety good.
    maybe yes
    Only if you have other boosts to your characters initiative.

    Everyone else gets the 4+ ini as well so bonus doesn't count for anything really unless you multiply that total. Buy a pair of mage shoes!
    ^ No no.

    No no no, that is what would have happened if you had +40% ini.

    Best to do with examples again. Imagine one troop has 1 ini and another troop has 6 ini.
    Sure, 6 ini troop goes before 1 ini troop, and also 10 ini troop goes before 5 ini troop, but that doesn't mean atb is unchanged, there is a very large change. 6 ini goes 6 times by the time 1 ini goes once, but 10 ini goes only twice by the time 5 ini goes once.

    Had it been +40%, then there would be effectively zero change, that is what you are mistaking +4 ini for. Had it been +40% there would be only small differences which relied on turns, like holy/dark spells, or effects like blindness.

    By 'Randomr1', on https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=2656147
    This is good for troops with low initiative. Mage hero benefits too. Because almost all the troops might have higher initiative than hero.
    closed by Meshy (2018-09-11 00:00:36)
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