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Leaders’ Guild

AuthorLeaders’ Guild
It is easy to believe that being a citizen of the Empire comes with endless privileges, fancy armour and hoards of units under command ready to serve to their death. This impression is partially true and partially deceptive. The perks of leadership come at the cost of great personal sacrifice and shrewd decision making. Empire’s leaders are not only responsible to their direct subordinates, but also to their followers. These followers, inspired by the leaders they idolise and put on a pedestal, selflessly follow the leader’s orders without any personal considerations. It is imperative that a wise leader tempers their followers’ recklessness and provides adequate guidance. This is why a new guild whose essence lies not in personal bravery and heroism, but rather in the ability to inspire the same in others, is needed.

Lords and ladies, Empire hereby formally announces the formal existence of a new guild, the Leaders’ Guild. Empire’s officials are working tirelessly to put everything in order. Henceforth, all of Empire’s warriors will have the opportunity to hone their skills to become capable, wise and responsible leaders.

At the moment the Leaders’ Guild only provides the opportunity for any character of combat level 5 and above to start recruiting his followers:
1. Every 5th such battle wherein the Lord or Lady receives at least 0.3 skill points and artifacts lose durability, a random detachment of creatures join the reserve.
2. The number of creatures in the detachment depends on the outcome of battles, artifacts worn, and the leadership index of the creatures concerned.

Features of the guild once accessible:
1. Each Lord or Lady is able to send a customized army to perform specific tasks. They can recruit this army from the available followers in their reserve.
2. The number of followers that can be recruited from the reserve depends on the leadership score of the lord or lady and the followers.

More details will follow. This Guild can be accessed from the map.
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