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[Sell][Various elements]

Author[Sell][Various elements]
Looking to sell all my elements I own (some of all sorts currently, but visible to any prospective buyer through my character page.

I am not wishing to rip anyone off, nor am I a noob about to accept something way below market price.

Fair offers considered - PM with what you want and price and I will set up a transfer if reasonable.
Activate obsolete defence text protocol.
Approx prices I will sell for

Abrasive 865
Fern Flower 170
Fire Crystal 1690
Ice crystal 1690
Meteorite shard 2660
Tigers claw 685
Toadstool 180
vipers venom 125
Windflower 2660
Witch bloom 125
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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