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Leaders’ Guild: Further Developments

AuthorLeaders’ Guild: Further Developments
Greatness has humble beginnings, or so it is said. The newly-created Leaders’ Guild has yet to stand the test of time; what little that the Empire has done is barely the foundation on which it is hoped great leaders will be trained. Even so, nothing in this hall spelled modesty. Innately carved marble flooring, sky-high ceilings, imposing pillars girded with innumerable miniature figurines seemingly holding this monument to luxury together. Huge tapestries draped across the never-ending surfaces which could only be walls with imperial and guild flags littered all over, fluttering and waving to the proceedings below. A perfect circle of gigantic proportions right in the middle of this magnificent hall, so huge that to call it a table would be an insult to the imperial craftsmen who slaved tirelessly to create it. There, atop the table, was the Empress – the undisputed leader of the lands. Her statue, illuminated by a thousand torches, till she herself began to radiate light. The resemblance was so uncanny, the scene so majestic and the ongoing developments so swift that it would not be an exaggeration to say the Empress was ever-present, watching over every detail. The imperial workers have done their part, modest as always, and the fate of the guild is now entirely in the hands of this magnificent land’s heroes. Their leadership and wisdom might very well purge the doubts.

Lords and ladies, you are cordially invited to the grand opening of the Leaders’ Guild! The grand hall which is now the home of the guild invites every hero of combat level 5 and onwards to seize this opportunity to hone their leadership potential and lead their followers to glorious successes.

The Empire has set the following rules for all members of the guild:

1. You can form an army of follower creatures available to you.
2. The number of creatures recruited depends on your leadership level and the leadership index of each creature. Your leadership level depends on your attained level in the guild.
3. You may have no more than three challenges waiting. Each challenge will have 3 alternatives, of which you have to choose 1 to complete the challenge.
4. Upon completion of challenges, new ones will take their place and wait for you. However, no more than 1 new challenge will appear every 3 hours. If you already have 3 challenges waiting, no more challenges will be created.
5. Only one attempt may be made to accomplish a challenge. Once attempted, whether successful or not, the challenge is considered complete.
6. The three alternatives for every challenge are actually three levels of difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the stronger the enemy and the more gold as well as guild points you will gain upon winning.
7. Battles take place without artifacts or skills, and no lord on the battlefield. After placing the units, you have the option to activate automatic combat mode.
8. You will not receive experience or faction skill points in these battles, and your artifacts will not lose durability.
9. The units lost in battle disappear from your reserve. After the battle, there is an opportunity to pay gold to resurrect rare creatures. The amount of gold needed depends on the leadership index of the creature.
10. The higher your attained level in the guild, the higher the likelihood of rare creatures joining you.
11. With time, new types of challenges will be added and grand-scale events related to the guild will be organised.
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