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Tengus are missing icon on Leaders' Guild page

AuthorTengus are missing icon on Leaders' Guild page
One of my challenges has turncoat mages, bruisers, trashers, giant archers, and tengus. The tengus don't have icon. The square just show an invalid image.
Have you got a screenshot?
Have you got a screenshot?

I can take a screenshot (it's still there). But where would I post it?
Well you can use the lightshot app to give it a web link and post here.

Or upload go an image hosting website like imgur
Tell me if you can view this:

Yup thanks
Same thing here. It just shows the missing image icon.

I had missing my own stalkers after using they ability, could move or do something (twice) , refresh worked both times.
closed by Omar Contreras (2018-10-25 07:58:16)
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