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AuthorCross-court Competition
The life of true heroes is inevitably tied to the battleground and the countless battles that are the surest path to empire-wide honour and fame. Avoiding the fray is tantamount to going against one’s own fate. Noble lords and ladies do not shirk away from combat – in fact, they always dream of more, continuously honing their skills even in times of peace and tranquility.

Brave Lords and Ladies, Warlord Grammith announces the opening of a new Cross-court Competition arena!

The rules are as follows:

1. Battles are 2 vs 2 and waged on a unique arena which may include AI-controlled opponents and allies.
2. Allies start out in diagonally opposite corners of the arena.
3. The battlefield contains destructible magic walls. When a ranged attack or a damaging spell crosses a wall to reach its target, its damage is reduced by 50%.
4. Temptresses' Seduction ability does not work across magic walls.
5. Tribal spirit gained is halved if the Lord’s defense stat exceeds attack.
6. Berserker and Blind cannot be used across the walls.
7. The effect of darkness spells is reduced by 50% if they are cast across through a magic wall.
8. Hellfire will not trigger if the shot was struck through a magic wall.
9. The effect of Dominion of fire is reduced by 50% if the spell was cast through a magic wall.
10. You may compete if you’ve reached Combat Level 3 or higher.
11. Challenges will be accepted half-hourly from :00 to :10 and from :30 to :40, excluding a night break from 3 to 8 am.
12. Only shop artifacts are allowed; enchantments have no effect.
13. The competition will last till November 4th inclusive.
14. Each player is limited to a maximum of 20 victories per faction.
15. You will receive 1.5x the normal faction skill points for each battle. If none of your opponent is AI-controlled, and you are a member of the Commanders’ Guild, then you will also receive +2 Commanders’ Guild points per victory.
16. Potion of Skill does take effect in this arena.
17. At the end of the event, Empire will provide gold rewards to every competitor who attains at least 1 victory.
18. For securing 20 victories or more, you will be additionally rewarded after the competition is over.
19. For notching up 5 or more victories, you will receive a special backpack artifact, Warrior Figurine, which may be equipped in the competition if you so wish.

For every victory you will be rewarded with one part of a unique artifact, up to 20 total.

You will also receive +20 parts once you attain your 20th victory with the same faction (only once per event).

May you be victorious!
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