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Mysterious epidemic campaign needs ENGLSIH

AuthorMysterious epidemic campaign needs ENGLSIH
after soo many months its released, its pretty annoying to see russian text once enter the campaign.

if admins want their game bi-langual, they better pay more attention to such small details. those dialogs can not even be copy-pasted to some translator. why should I try to play without understanding the story !!

feel my frustration, rite after hear good news about Adventure Guild update ( difficulty pulled back to reasonable levels) I jumped into 3rd campaign. Russian text came like a slap in the face.

here and there so many minor annoyences keep me questioning myself every day, should I continue to waste my time with this game or is it time to move on, discarding 10 years of investment !!
Agree so much.
Yet it impresses me that when I say it, people seem to jump at me saying "Lol it's not that important/an emergency, it's pretty much playable still".

I have a tendency to like to know the 'Plot/Story' of what I'm playing, and I don't think it's weird.

still, it's been almost a year since translators were changed since my big complaint in '.Ru', so who knows.
Ah, and not to mention the 10 texts quests...

Again: I like the game a lot, I'm not saying it's bad ...
Yet pretty often in games, it's about adding 'flavour' to it.
And seeing many paragraphs of a story in russian, is like ://

We all know the potential the game is losing, by not taking into account the 95% of population AS MUCH as russian.
Making sure it stays as a Russian game.

But whatever, it's a very old debate, it's not new.
I admit though, it was way worse before, now at least we get announcements right away often, even announcements of "Day of ..." bonuses.
It has been 1 year since this post.The text is still in russian.
Seems to be English now
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