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[2018.10.29] Day of Helpful Hunters

Author[2018.10.29] Day of Helpful Hunters
Astrologers proclaim the Day of Helpful Hunters! Only today:

  • If you win in 5 assisted hunts, you will receive Abu Bakir's Charm for 5 days.
  • +50% Hunters' Guild points earned for all assisted hunts.
  • gather around hunters level 12 I am here for help :D
    does it make any difrents if u create or join?
    One of the better days. :)
    for Meshy:

    I saw 2 battles of yours:

    One player gets 0.75 HG points and the other one gets 0.15 HG points

    I understand that the Hero assisting gets 0.1 + 50% = 0.15
    But what about the hero who got the hunt? why is he getting 0.5+50% = 0.75?

    Did they make any changes to assisted hunts?
    Because it's still an assisted hunt and thanks to today they get 50% more too.

    It's an assisted hunt for both players. :)
    No no

    You didn't get my point.

    If I play an Hunt SOLO, I earn 1 HG Point.

    I thought assisted hunts gain 0.9 HG points for the original hunter
    and 0.1 to the person assisting.

    Am I wrong?
    and is it only 0.5 for the original hunter in assisted hunting
    Depends on how much you kill, for this see your FSP minus ay bonus from Abu-Bakr you may have. Essentially the full hunt gives 1 FSP, distributed evenly to both players based upon how much was killed. In a solo hunt you kill everything and hence get 1 HG.

    In an assisted hunt you would receive your share based upon how much you killed. The person assisting can get no more than 0.5 FSP(without modifiers), and a fixed 0.1 HG in normal situations.

    This is why often you will see the person assisting stop attacking when they have killed half.

    So when being helped you will likely kill around half, so get 0.5FSP, and then HG will be 0.5*1.5 due to the +50% modifier.

    The seems like you get less HG points, however the hunt will not increase by the same amount as its increase is linked to the FSP (or is HG?) you gained. So all in all it roughly balances out.
    Yeah, main guy gets 0.5

    If this was a change, it was before my time, and I started about 3 years ago.
    Interestingly the +50% bonus is applied after your FSP has been increased by Abu-Bakr which is nice

    As such in this assist I get 0.5 FSP base value of kills, scaled up to 0.55 due to Abu-bakr and then receive 0.55*1.5 = 0.83 HG.

    If you win in 5 assisted hunts, you will receive Abu Bakir's Charm for 5 days.

    Every 5 battles or just once?
    i didnt received any charm, becaus i have full inventory :(
    well looks it working automaticaly
    What would happen to your mount if you already have one and then get the charm?
    closed by Meshy (2018-10-30 00:01:03)
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