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PSA: Nightmares suck exp, leave your build ready when idle


AuthorPSA: Nightmares suck exp, leave your build ready when idle
Not only you are forced to do them (can be a problem when you are trying to log in from phone real quick just to enroll), but there is no hero in the fight, therefore if you are going with any build involving magic you are royally screwed and wasted talents. Ofc that wouldn't be too bad if you could chose talents before the fight, but oh wait you can't! So after the first one make sure to remember to put best talents for troops while you are idle. Let me repeat that: MAKE SURE TO REMEMBER TO PUT BEST TALENTS AND TROOPS WHILE IDLE.

Because the sweet sweet icing on the cake, if the previous stuff isn't bad enough, you get high amount of exp and NO FSP if you lose!!

GG WP admins.
this happens every year, and every year someone complains.

PS there is rewards for actually wining, and its limited to like 10 battles
You can't have nightmares if you have no troops.
#3 thanks for the info, I've been told they can't attack you at Sunny City neither.
and how can I order this pumpkin to attack now ?
Go to some players profile page who is online.. and there will be a option "Order squashman to attack"
Arts dont lose dura in these battles right? Do we get LeG units from them? If yes its a good chance to wear max enchants etc to farm some units
for chakkal2001:

Not quite sure if it will work but i was getting the wizard faction bonus when i equipped robber bag
I can't reset exp or abilities ?
well that sucks
Just get new abilities
Can the squasling have unlimited abilities?
You can't get all the abilities in the game, but can get all the ones you see in the drop down list.
Mirror lose durability and you cannot do autocombat :(
Got it, thank you
why i cant start battle
im getting triggered im smashing start button nothing happens
i came to play pumkin and they give me this??? why am i wasting my time
Have you tried not crying and actually attacking a different player?
for Meshy:
stop insulting
sorry i can't see any thread for Squashman so i am asking here

there was link for see Squashman right , i remember last time but can't find it
any good soul remember it ?
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