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[2018.11.07] Day of the Adventurer

Author[2018.11.07] Day of the Adventurer
Astrologers proclaim the Day of the Adventurer! Only today:

  • +25% faction skill points earned in all Adventurers' Guild battles.
  • Higher chance of receiving 1% estate certificates.
  • Good day
    Higher chance of receiving 1% estate certificate. Yeah right. Just not true.
    #3 it's translation tricks, should be 1% higher chance of receiving estate certs
    lol, last one of these I got 0 from 5 opportunities

    This time around I have 1 from 3 (battles which offer a chance of getting them, not complete campaigns, which doesn;t feel like a particularly higher rate, though I got a licence so am not going to moan :)
    Done 2 today, got nothing. LAst time also 0. Now i can say this AG day is a blatant lie. Can't be bothered with this game anymore...
    WEll I did not even finish 1 campaign, but did some key battles and got 2, so is rather happy this time around.
    closed by Meshy (2018-11-08 00:00:02)
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