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AuthorCross-court Honours
Thunderous applause filled the cross-court arena with every blow exchanged. The show proved to be unforgettable indeed, with even the most sophisticated spectators unable to contain their admiration at the end of many battles. Where else could you see a savage beast chase its helpless prey into a corner, only to find itself alone the next moment and have to fend off ferocious attacks from all sides? Every survivor of such an ordeal was already deserving of the crowds respect, but only the victors were celebrated as true heroes!

Valiant Lords and Ladies, the Cross-court Competition has ended and the Empire is ready to bestow honours on its worthiest participants.

If you won at least once, you are entitled to a reward in gold! The amount depends on the number of victories and your combat level. Go to the Competition page to claim your reward.

If you won 5 or more times, in addition to the Warrior Figurine artifact received, you have been awarded the corresponding achievement in your character profile:

If you won 20 times, youve been rewarded with a special artifact and achievement. Those who registered the maximum of 20 victories for one or more factions have received a trophy for each such accomplishment! The durability of your artifact(s) is based on your ranking.


May more victories await!
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