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[2018.11.13] Day of Safe Passing

Author[2018.11.13] Day of Safe Passing
Astrologers proclaim the Day of Safe Passing! Only today:

  • Thieves cannot ambush traveling lords and ladies.
  • Everyone travels across the Empire at double the usual speed.
  • double speed thats nice.
    /me plays roadrunner sounds effects: Beep Beep
    this seems like a good day to do some shopping.
    Who cares about thieves right? rofl
    Shouldn't traveling have 2 l's?
    Does this mean that I am free from rangers? Oh, well. Min arts thieving day, till a ranger comes.
    Shouldn't traveling have 2 l's?

    Traveling and travelling are both correct, but traveling is much more common. That's because the stress is on the first syllable.
    No mistakes today :(
    closed by Meshy (2018-11-14 00:00:15)
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