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AuthorUnderground Caves
It has not even been one month since the headquarters of Leaders’ Guild opened the doors to its magnificent hall, and yet you can not help but feel the positive effects while strolling on the streets. Warlord Grammith was finally able to focus on his other, some might call more important, tasks now that he did not have to micromanage his minions to get everything ready on time. The famed knight had missed being out of the battlefield or discussing warfare strategy with his fellow commanders. He was rather looking forward to resuming his tactical responsibilities.

In a not so distant past, valiant heroes of the Empire had defeated a large underground camp of savages. But decades of experience had taught the warlord that such threats had the ugly habit of reappearing when you least expect it. Empire’s security garrisons had been receiving news of abductions but a few infrequent crimes would hardly filter up to Warlord Grammith’s daily briefings. This came to his attention when raids on Imperial guard houses started and became more frequent by the week. Most of these reports were from the Underground Caves region. It did not take Warlord Grammith long to put two and two together. He leapt into action with childlike enthusiasm and even though this was a serious matter, he couldn’t hide a little expression relief after all those days in the Hall watching the workers plod along or argue about the color and orientation of the drapes. The Warlord sent out surveillance teams and they reported that most of the savages were well-established in a rather impressive fortress near the center of the caves. Hardly anyone ventured forth into these parts of the caves, it was the perfect place to build this base of operations from. Even though the numbers of these savages would not compare to the masses that Empire had faced earlier, the Warlord still needs help from Empire’s heroes. His Imperial army alone would not be able to successfully execute this mission.

Lords and Ladies, Warlord Grammith has sent an encoded message detailing the plans of and announcing the beginning of yet another rescue operation at the very heart of the underground caves. As was the case before, this is a secret operation and heroes can not bring their own armies.

Combat briefing:
- All Lords and Ladies of combat level 5 and above are invited.
- Character talents have no effect.
- Faction skills and unique racial abilities have no effect.
- Only shop artifacts may be worn in battle.
- Enchantments have no effect.
- All participants start with an army of 50 Bowmen and 25 Swordsmen.
- After each battle, 5% of your perished troops are lost in case of victory, and 3% are lost in case of defeat (each stack is treated separately).
- You can encounter new units in the caves and get them to join you. If you win in an attempt to do so, the surviving units in the stack plus up to 80% of its perished creatures will join your ranks.
- You can also undertake special tasks to obtain silver, which can be used to upgrade your units.
- You have the option to choose the strength of the enemies you search for. The number of search attempts is limited and is reset only after you complete a fight. Keep in mind that the stronger the enemy, the more silver it may be guarding and the greater the number of allies that can join you if you beat them.
- Rewards for victories include creature armaments.
- At the end of the operation, the Empire will reward with gold all the Lords and Ladies who have won at least one victory;
- After your army's strength reaches 10,000, for each further victory you will earn points towards the Hunter's Guild.
- After your army's strength reaches 15,000, each victory will be further rewarded with a combat potion, which may be transferred, sold on the market, or used to temporarily increase your stats for 24 hours:

- You may fight up to 10 battles daily. Any unused attempts carry over to the next day(s).
- This rescue operation will last 8 days, through November 20. Two additional days will be allowed for players to complete their remaining attempts, until November 22 inclusive.

Heroes, beware! Warlord Grammith has assessed that since the fighting would take place many feet underground, the perils would be that much greater. Since the blood vessels of tribal goblins cannot cope with pressure at such depths, you would not meet these creatures. However, the extra risks involved mean that the reward would be proportionately greater too. Empire has officially decreed that the accomplishments of each lord and lady would be further recognised by rare artifact parts.

For 10 victories: +1 part
For 20 victories: +3 parts
For 30 victories: +4 parts
For 40 victories: +5 parts
For 60 victories: +8 parts

Up to an additional 30 parts may be received based on your contribution to the success of the operation.

If you collect 100 parts of this artifact, you will be able to assemble the fragments into a fully-fledged whole artifact. You will then be able to use this artifact yourself and transfer it for repair or enchantment, but not transfer it for use or rent.

Remember, your key objective in these caves is to meet and keep as many units as possible. The Empire is keeping tabs on the total strength of your army. Leaders of the most powerful armies will be generously rewarded at the end of the campaign.

May victory be yours.
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