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Gifts Over legal limit!

AuthorGifts Over legal limit!
Player - Bounty rune - Transfer log - https://www.lordswm.com/pl_transfers.php?id=7212540

Last few days he send as gift :
400000 to -Tranqilizator-
400000 to Groza_GVD
300000 to WinterDuo

So as 3.15 rule he can send 110k gold by default cause of his level. To be able to send that 400k gold, he must donated at least 1160 diamonds. Can GM check how much diamonds he donated?
He has donated above 6k diamonds, you may close the thread..
I think it's enough http://prntscr.com/ljwk2w
closed by Meshy (2018-11-19 01:02:43)
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