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[2018.11.20] Day of Rampant dragons


Author[2018.11.20] Day of Rampant dragons
I think this was comparatively easier than Day for Fighting elementals.
for IceSkate:
you need to check their battles history and compare by yourself :D
Those azure dragons look tough , luckily I didn't fought them)
all done in a short time
all victories
for FearMyArmy:

It looks like it required you to use full art and weapon enchants though, which is far more costly than the reward for this event in my opinion
for techy:
you just need good luck stats and good weapon
and spend most of your main stats on defense and you'll be fine
for techy:

the fsp is good plus wg points
Easy for classic necro :)

Once I took classic necro and decided to think, battles were easy, would recommend.
19 min AP battles later (only lost the battles with Azure)
Victories: 15
Rewards: 5,000 Gold, +2.5 HG, +2.5 MG, +5 WG
sure i cant beat those dragons with full set.
A protected shooter is a good way, however the fear attack of azure can stuff it since your protector units run away. Classic necro bypasses that since they are dead already, they have nothing to fear.
beated that battle finally with sho[ enchanted arts.
I won all battles with fury barbarian class no strategy just luck stats + good weapon and boar rider dominate them :p
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