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AuthorRewards for the top performers!
All successful operations are similar, while unsuccessful ones invariably have unique reasons for their failure. So it was here: the rescue operation went down a treat. Empires heroes took the enemy completely by surprise. The haunted old tunnels were cleared, and to prevent something like this from happening in the future, additional fortifications were placed at various strategic locations. The seemingly impregnable enemy fortress was a ruin in which Empires wizards might enjoy searching for artifacts. Other than this, it was a rubble a testament to the bravery of Empires heroes.

This was a day of rejoicing for everyone except that lowly official whose task it was to count the dead and report to Warlord Grammith. He was almost done for the day when he was hailed by the commander of a checkpoint. They had caught a savage alive and taken him prisoner. The official was annoyed; this wasnt news. Savages had been caught in previous battles, and all he wanted to do was to get his duties done and enjoy a well-deserved rest. Imperial forces were not usually too keen on savage prisoners, as these were fanatics who kept their silence to death.

But this prisoner was not silent. He was rambling non-stop, albeit in a different language, and incoherently. Knowing how liberal Warlord Grammith was in punishing his own staff and how much he wanted to be kept informed of every detail, the official sighed and decided to present the prisoner to the Warlord. After an hour of Warlord Grammith taking notes from the prisoners ramblings and trying to make some sense out of it all, the Warlord had managed to glean only a few phrases from the chatter shadow of truth, savior in the dark. Grammith was ready to head to the library to ponder this when his gaze fell on the yellow crystal in the tray containing the prisoners belongings. Many crystals were confiscated from other savages caught in the operation, but this one seemed different. Grammith picked it up and questioningly held it near the prisoners face. Grammith was still staring at the crystal only half expecting an explanation which he probably would not understand, when the savages tone changed. His eyes turned swollen red and a vicious grin cut through his crooked bruised face. He broke free of his shackles knocking back the soldiers and leapt at Grammiths throat causing the knight to stumble and fall backwards. Savages wolf-like teeth snapped ferociously but the Warlord had managed to get a hold of his collar even while he was falling down. With the other hand, the ever-so-slightly shaken up knight produced his dagger straight through the savages stomach. As the jaws slackened and life drained out of the beast, the knight flung him to one side and got to his feet. All this happened so fast that the soldiers had no time to react. They sheepishly rushed to the beasts corpse without meeting the knights burning stare. Damn these savages!, shouted Warlord Grammith angrily as he marched hurriedly to his chambers without acknowledging the salute of the gatekeepers.

Lords and ladies, the operation was a resounding success. Despite the seemingly insurmountable difficulties, the forces of the Empire acclimatized to the unforgiving heat and pressure in the tunnels. It seems that the number of kidnappings was vastly underestimated, as thousands of prisoners held hostage by the savages have been freed. After days, in some cases months, of servitude and insufficient food and despicable living conditions, they express their sincere gratitude to you all and swear allegiance to the Empire. History will record this operation as one of the most successful ones ever conducted. Grammiths staff has meticulously recorded the names of each brave warrior who volunteered and the Empire has decided to grant each brave warrior a well-deserved trophy artifact. The durability of the artifact depends on the heros army strength. Even though the Empire thanks each and every hero who fought, only heroes with a minimum army strength of 2300 will receive this trophy artifact.


The Empire has additionally announced distribution of parts of the Imperial arbalest to any warrior who led an army with strength of 800 or more. From 1 to 30 parts will be distributed based on your armys strength

Empire recognizes each and every contribution, however small. All warriors with one victory or more will receive an award in gold to thank them for their service. The gold reward will depend on the number of victories, combat level of the warrior and the strength of your army. To claim the award, visit the Underground Caves campaign page again.

And now, let us rejoice and celebrate this comprehensive success!

Top Heroes:

1. [14]31,169
2.#823 [11]30,858
3.#7705randomr1 [15]30,606
4.#104xxTitanxx [21]30,301
5. [12]30,111
6.#2517 [16]30,052
7.#823 [16]29,842
8.#8048Stealth [22]29,799
9.#88 [20]29,744
10.#1209Expert_BOT [15]29,382
11.#104Ho0L1GaN [20]29,346
12.#15_ [13]29,152
13. [12]29,103
14.#823Diospyros [15]29,102
15.sand king [11]29,042
16. [14]29,027
17.#276EVSey [21]28,989
18.#88 [17]28,947
19.Eirofan [8]28,869
20.#2517-Messiah- [12]28,866
21.#1209Jitulek [21]28,794
22.#2517VITALEK_THE_1 [19]28,739
23.#276Alex-DE-viruS [15]28,717
24.#728 [15]28,665
25.#846  [13]28,599
26.  [6]28,381
27.#57spectral_tank [20]28,359
28.#2517Mihondr [16]28,320
29.#823E D I N O R O G [14]28,279
30.Vingrot [9]28,251
31.#104 [20]28,231
32.nekryxa [10]28,224
33. [11]28,127
34.#17Samec [22]28,050
35.#57Pandorra [20]28,010
36.#7777Kung_Fury [14]27,940
37.#928yuri70 [22]27,931
38.Jack Daniels [15]27,909
39.#928 [16]27,757
40.___ [9]27,595
41.#104 [21]27,552
42.steelrus2 [7]27,528
43.#823 [19]27,464
44.#7490Lady Laitha [15]27,419
45.skoliens [8]27,392
46.#104oks1 [19]27,356
47.#823AlexXx666 [18]27,304
48.#346Svoi [16]27,253
49. [10]27,196
50.#5604_ [20]27,157
51.#928 [20]27,156
52.#3346Vovan_2102 [18]27,134
53.#302 [16]26,946
54.#7777Paradox-x-x [22]26,872
55.#57Gortaur [19]26,871
56.#1597  [16]26,871
57.#104Astronics [20]26,868
58.#5349WinShakle [17]26,824
59.#928EagleEye [13]26,821
60.#276 [15]26,734
61.#57 [21]26,667
62. [15]26,639
63.#5604 [22]26,592
64.#928 [19]26,505
65.#933Sonic [19]26,504
66.#1597Icarium [18]26,482
67.Orkan4eg [10]26,475
68.12 [13]26,420
69.Angela1908 [11]26,410
70.  [5]26,375
71.#7777 [19]26,357
72.#17Striker [22]26,346
73.pinap1 [10]26,308
74.#1209Micha007 [16]26,295
75.  [15]26,232
76.#1271dimafan96 [19]26,230
77.#928Binder [17]26,229
78.vedwoo [7]26,220
79.#104______ [20]26,207
80.#928Gradient [21]26,184
81.#7777tolik [18]26,176
82.rusher123 [8]26,138
83.__ [6]26,118
84.#41IGOR_HUNTER [17]26,094
85.#57Starshina214 [21]26,064
86.#933ReZero [15]26,045
87.#1209 [20]26,032
88.#18Oriol [16]26,011
89.#1271 [19]25,959
90.Aomine [10]25,814
91.#276Masati [21]25,770
92.#88assasin089 [20]25,707
93.  [8]25,703
94.#1180Super-Dragon [15]25,694
95.#88Lokosios [20]25,691
96.#6285 [9]25,640
97. [7]25,621
98. [9]25,569
99. [9]25,559
100. [15]25,553
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