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Clearing illegal transactions

AuthorClearing illegal transactions
Hello, first of all please don't ban my characters: BloodyOrchid and Gadzina (https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=4553847). I want my all illegal loans and transactions from years ago to be settled. Please guide me a bit as I have some questions to do so.
If I transfered some gold from my secondary account to my main account - should I send it back now or send it to Empire? What should I do if some blocked char sent me elements? Shall I send same elems. to Empire or just gold equivalent? Both characters have acquired just a couple of thousands and I am able to balance it right away, hence I hope none of those get banned. I am following the rules in every term now, those actions were done like 8 years ago.I wish administrators will understand, I am active on both chars. Thank you in advice.
send it to Empire

Calculate the amount of illegal transactions and send i to the empire.
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