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42nd Minor Tournament++


Author42nd Minor Tournament++
And in direct answer to your question, no barb is doing well at level 19. Best bet seems fury

I finish it :d

Victories count per faction: 15 (You have 15 victories out of 15 battles for Wizard)
i played 3 matches 2 DE chaos one with fury i had 0 chance on with shadow barb full defence thats a sure loss tried shadow with points on atack this time encounterd a dwarf shadows troops dropped like flies this time :)

ty lord that is a nice link could be help full
for Issy404:

i love your posts:D
That's because attack build shadow barb is about as useful as a defensive fury barb in 1 vs 1.
i do no know about that defence build fury vs any atack build is pretty good but when u encaounter chaos spelcaster and u have defence u stand no chance

some how with this event i always encouter the one faction i stand 0 chance against it is suspicious

i know if i change to chooters i am going to encounter opponent that uses confusion leaving me butt naked as usual
i think am going old school clasic barb might suprice some oponents
hoeray 1st win for the clasic barb needed 5 battles for 1 win

5 times 15 is 75 i gues i need 70 more battles :)
They were so surpriced :-D

yes patback i a b
on a DE chaos spelcaster
oldschool clasic barb style

played 2 with clasic 2 won all the the other 5 i lost shadow and fury
necro bites the dust too classic barb is 3win 0 loss

for Issy404:
1 nemmisis left to beat the overpowered hellfire laststand deamon C
way overpowered if i lv up that is the next casle i build, then i know they will reballance it for sure :)
I dont understand why the demons dont play hellfire more often, is great ability
Great against dwarfs.
it is to overpowered balane is gone
I beat one
well if it was a chaos with hellfire and last stand plz share i remember beating them with shadow barb with mass decay and lluck that his helfire did not trigger
Hf builds only become OP after level 18 when you can get both last stand and searing flame talents
2 out of 10 victories for knight. I'm sure others are doing better, but Knight seems to be a defined loss against Dark Barbs, Tribals, Battlewiz, Mages, magic elves, while having a not better than 50:50 chance with DE, or Elf. Darkness demons, ditto. The best was Redline - he was quite lucky in his opponents. Giving up with Knight.
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