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Rain of arrows bug?

AuthorRain of arrows bug?
Here is the match id: https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?lt=-1&warid=937468044&html5=1

Favoured enemy is on succubi. Hero hits all stacks of wolfhounds and succubi. I came back to this game this year after a very long break and dont remember rain of arrows working like this. Did something change?
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Problem still exists.
Rain of arrows hits liches as well as Skele bows, of same hero.
Again, Rain of Arrows should attack only shrews, but also attacks lizard cavalry.
Maybe it's because of the 9ther factions, you can set different favoured for different factions.

So for classic DE you would want to attack the shrews but for TDE you would want to attack the lizards.

Just a theory but I believe this could be why it happens
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