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Ideas of improving spells and playstyle

AuthorIdeas of improving spells and playstyle
- controling unit movement (traps are getting really anoying)
- adding one fire and ice spell (we have only 1 chaos fire spell)(magma pool, fireblast 1x1, ice wave)
- adding spell "raise obsticle 1x1" as nature magic spell (breakable)
- adding "always retaliate" as lvl 3 or 4 holy magic spell
- makeing spell "earth spikes" stronger by changeing chaos lvl sp ratio better, and that it misses flyer units (or 50% hit)
- adding spell that decreases morale or luck as lvl 3 or 4 darkness spell
- makeing earhquake confuse units by 10%
3. Your idea/suggestion should accomplish a concrete goal and describe how it can be implemented. It should also answer the question, "Why is this necessary for the game?".
It won't change the match so much, doing chaos, darkness or holy spells can also be a good choice, it all depends in the moment of a game.
Let it last one round, or/and make it strong by calculating it on CL.
Thing is, all the spells in this game are based on Heroes of Might and Magic 5.
These are the spells that exist in that game, that are obtainable with expet talent (in game it would also need Mage Guild 5):

Holy:Word of Light: Deals holy damage to all demonic and Undead units on the field. Ressurection is like Raise dead without the morale and living corpse drawback, losing hit points, but its costly (idk if it works on mechanical and elemental tho).

Darkness: Curse of the Netherworld: Similar to world of light, but it hits everything but undead and demonic.
Hypnosis: Similar to Temptress seduction.

Chaos: Implosion: Deals massive earth damage to a single stack (costs similar to shower or chain lightning)
Armageddon: Deals fire damage to every unit on the field, also units in the middle 4x4 take extra damage. (This would be pretty game breaking with DoF tho, especially with a BW that has his central talent)

Nature: Summon Phoenix: Summons a Phoenix whose stats depend on SP and stuff.
Arcane Armor: A shield on the unit that basically soaks up damage (imagine it as extra health points without stack gaining units).
Pretty awsome spells, love the idea of that word of light, seduction and arcane armor
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