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Robber`s bow bugged?

AuthorRobber`s bow bugged?

I've played 4 thieves guild battles with the bow, and they were very easy.

The last game my sprites did amazing damage, so I got suspicious.

Checked the stats, and they had 13-13 damage stat !!

The new bow gives 10 min-max damage instead of the 10%.
Battle link: https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?lt=-1&warid=939859154
wth :D
dont complain about it then :D
I would be more than glad if the admins leave it like that :D
Why would you post this? :D quiet!
I confess, I was on the fence about posting it.

But in the end, I'm a software engineer myself, I have to do the right thing.
Nope, this is not Ok xD
Don't use this guys, it is against the rules.
Anyone know if .ru forums say anything?

Either way, with dynamic balancing, it shouldn't have a huge long run impact anyway.
Topic moved from "Combat problems" to "Problems and errors (general)".
for Tatar67:

Don't use as admins will fix this and you get stuck with hard caravans
for Aurelija:
Damn that was some battle
too bad, its fixed now :p
2 minute silence for those who raised their caravan difficulty level using bow :p
closed by Meshy (2018-12-20 10:32:47)
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