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Can also be done in MG / WG, so any battle
Do we have to join any special clan first, or can we just post a link on the .ru forum in that thread? Anything else we need to know / do? Seems I was lucky and just did a wolf rider MG quest.
Damn, I just posted there with my alt, should have seen this coming :s
Just repost with your main, no big deal.

And don't need to join any special clan.
wolf riders, raiders, plain wolves
Is it plain wolves or invaders?
Also, is the event over?
Google translation says steppe wolves, so must be plain wolves. The snowmaided made the post at 17h yesterday, so I assume you still have time. I was lucky to fight a wolf rider and plain wolves monster already :)
And what was the reward that you got?

Barbar tier 2 hunt it seems.

Thanks to nipnip for telling.

According to the Russian forum this competition has finished. Here is message from Snegurochka:

"Dear brave ladies and lords of Empire!
Thank you very much for the Magic Forest liberation!

Wolves hunting competition is now closed!

Snegurochka needs to clean up in the house of Ded Moroz, therefore, we take small timeout.

new competition for the brave ladies and lords will be opened soon, very soon!
Thanks a lot!"
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // Wrong link]
I think it's

Dark elf witches (all forms) and renegade magicians.
Anzor has confirmed, those troops above and HG and MG count only.
2018-12-25 01:18: Received item: 'Strength lolly' [1/1] from —негурочка
Thanks for the info :)
Contest is closed, will keep an eye out for the next one.
Contest is closed, will keep an eye out for the next one.

New comp


I don't really understand it
Think it's make a poem

Looks like skele bows, liches and their upgrades.

Apologies for delay, was at cinema
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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