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Hero action issue

AuthorHero action issue
So I came across an issue where my hero (alt account) couldnt use spell in fight. The situation was as follows: my troops have attacked conspirators and genie got morale and felt right behind my hero on the ATB scale. When the time for him (hero) occured I was unable to cast any spell (couldn't open spellbook), instead of that i could "use/active" skill (just like creature in battle) or wait/defend. I have tried using it to see what effect it would make, but nothing happened - no attack nor wait or defend action. Shame, I hoped for some armagedon stuff or dancing queens, nvm. Situation has repeated every time my hero had a turn and I couldnt use any spell, I could only att/wait/def. Thankfully this occured in merc fight not the PvP. I have made screenshots of this situation that you can see there (My alt's photo page):


I was playing in HTML "mode".
Can you give link to combat and your multi please?

this looks like my hero is doing nothing couple of times when i tried to "use" skill - turn just passed. Disabling the "use" of skill caused my hero to attack normally.
Did u try reloading?
Reloading page didn't work
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