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[2019.01.23] Day of the Adventurer


Author[2019.01.23] Day of the Adventurer
Do you get reward even if yo uallready completed the campaign?
What I mean is when I start doing some campaigns, I will get a potion of skill and for say the 3 different classes of barbs do all except the treasure battles and last one for Amnitis mysteries. I would then wait for this day, and then just do those battles remaining on those days. You can have concurrent campaigns for different sub classes or for different campaigns. What you cannot do is start a new one of the same sub faction on the same campaign type till you have finished the one going.

That's explains it. Thanks.
2 Campaigns, 0 licenses.. out of the 4 I did 4 days ago I got 2
closed by Meshy (2019-01-24 00:00:28)
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