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Event idea - Reverse Survival tournament

AuthorEvent idea - Reverse Survival tournament
A powerful hero - the champion - stands in the middle, commanding a powerful army ( something like 3 time size of a regular army).

You have points- before battle you spend those points to buy units (similar to making a leaders guild army with leadership points or portal army with crystals).

Then during tourney, you can send your army with ANY stacks of ANY sizes you want, from ANY door, in surviva wave format. Battle goes on untill you surrender, run out of troops or defeat the champion.

After battle, you gain extra points for your next battle.

Rewards based on total points after fixed ammount of battles (similar to portal). Could work in pairs. Combats are manual (you control the troops)

The troops can be both with and without hero (if without then you should be able to get waaayyy more of them).

Imagine having to strategise to deny orbs for the hero, and beware of the lightning tower lol.

Could also introduce a new set in the game called Gladiator set.
+ to this i think it would be fun
This really sounds like an LG event because you are building an army of varied units using points.
+1 nice idea
So perhaps a "Who can kill the champion in less waves/less points?" competition? Playing to the weaknesses of the champions army and preventing he/she from getting orbs

Interesting idea +1
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