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Average day for your you

AuthorAverage day for your you
So I was thinking,
I live in Australia and there is so much stigma about what we do and what we think other nationalities do!
So I was thinking, and I think we should all kill and or confirm our own stigmas :D

I'll start -
My usual day is wake up, take My meds, have a smoke, shower and shave then I spend time with my girlfriend, then work, some study and tons of fortnite.
Off days I surf, drink and play Lord's while watching netflix\ fortnite haha
I'm half Aussie and half leb, born and raised here in Aus :)
Lived in Syd\ Adelaide\ Queensland

What about all my other peeps?? :D
Wake up, work, drink, sleep. Not always in that order. :P

Occasionally spend time with fiance.
Meshy, you never stated your nationality
Sleep day work night.

Average day would be wake up , stay in bed for 30 min do nothing .
Coffee , breakfast , sometimes shower :D
Spend most time on PC , work , family.
I do a bit gym when im not to busy at work .

Lived in many places, mostly Latvia and England .
Wake up, going to toilet, breakfast(sometimes),shower when necesarry, watch some memes, get ready for whatever i have to do(school, work, hobby). sometimes hitting gym(love pain of gains). hanging out with friends. summer comming so pc usage will be minimal(dont really enjoy pc as much as i used to).
Living in Latvia
I'm from down unda ;)
Sleep till my dog comes in my room and licks my face or tries to rub herself to me
take bath breakfast leave for work
while at work i check lordswm/ some other game whenever free , like complete 2-3 papers then check game/skype , repeat , till lunch time
then lunch and back to work , then drive back home ,have dinner take dog for walk , watch some episode of web series i am watching or play PES/ Grena Free fire. then asleep by 2 am .
Wake up
Lwm till i go to work
Lwm from work
Lwm after i come from work
Lwm from my gf's place
Lwm after gym

I think it sums it up :p
From India

Wake up around 6-7
Finish routines like washroom and breakfast by 7:20
Leave for work/uni by 7:45
Work till 12-12:30. Lunch at 1
Work till 4 or 6 with snack/tea/coffee breaks at 10:30 and 2:30
Go back home by 6-8
Take a bath /watch social media feed till 9
Either watch tv (sports) or play pubg till 10:30
Go to sleep
[this is the normal day of an average indian guy]

Now this is mine:
Flying roster is 4 days a week.
If my flight is at 10am
I get to the airport by 7am, do pre flight briefings with crew, finish checking route with captain, check sheets regarding fuel, load and keep a check on the passengers if there are doctors, vip, etc. Check in baggage and head to the crew lounge by 8:30am
Rest till 9:30am and head into the plane by 9:45 to start the pre flight checklist
If it's a short flight it should end by 1pm. So i finish post flight checklists and crew briefings and documentation by 2pm
Take my luggage and head to hotel by 3:30pm.
Sleep or rest till 6pm. Hit the gym or pool. Head for dinner at 8pm
Watch something on tv by 10pm. Sleep at 11:30
Repeat. I spend very less time with family and with my house. That's probably why girlfriend says she misses me all the time.
Wake up, mostar coffee, eat, daytime nap, mostar coffee, get high, club, sleep
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