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AuthorA confession to the transgressions of my past
This account was initially created as an additional character to my then main account Elitewish. That account has already been blocked due to a self requested block.

Now i created a new account and came to the realisation that this existed and have discovered the following:

about 5 gifts - 3.13. Additional characters are not allowed to make presents to anyone.

lending to the main character
3.13.1. Additional characters are not allowed to loan, lend or borrow any game valuable

3.11. Any transfers, (including those through the market or through a third party), combats (including those with other players involved) and "Two Towers" games between multiple characters of one person are prohibited.

I request that appropriate judgement and punishment is given.
Best to just send the equal amount to empire
can that be done?
i just realised i cant transfer anyway since im level 4
can that be done?

Yes. Once you are able to send money to empire just do it. Till then you could leave a note on your profile saying you are aware of the issue and will send the gold when you can.
Thanks a lot
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