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18th Paired tournament++


Author18th Paired tournament++
Looking for partner at lvl 16
Preferably knight as main faction, have one build in mind.
Seems like battles are against AI of opponents. So much of a 'PvP'.
a pure luck-dependent "tournament"?
Well played admins, clan PvP is the only ‘pvp’ left in this game..
Just saw battle of my AI, they won, but also as mage my copy was not defending.
So you'll have easy win if you get mage opponent, since their AI will do same too.
2019-06-06 10:54: General Zod[15], Wessex[15] vs *11322*, *11323*

No copy for us, strange..
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // ]
AFK partner. Now I remember why random pairing is not so fun.
If everyone played with builds that the AI plays badly then this will be easy. I think I will be a dwarf, or perhaps DoF BW, AI is not good with them.
2019-06-06 11:27: The One Ring[14], Метро2033[14] vs *13942*, *10511*
I actually fail to see how this is even a tournament.
I wonder if I have thought about this wrong and should think about this in the same way as the mirror tournies. To do well one wants to ensure that your opponents have as little chance as winning as possible(without compromising your own chance of victory), hence you should choose builds that the AI is good for since you will not face yourself, but someone else will. If your copy beats someone else then less people will get top prizes and more gold for you.
Thats the problem, in the ideal world youd all stick together and pick a bad ai, but why do that if theres no guarantee your opponent will have decided the same
mage AI doesn't defend
UN AI doesn't raise with demiliches.
Dwarf AI wastes rune.

If you face any of the messed up ai, can't lose.
Do you think they made this change because of complaints that battles take too long?
If you face any of the messed up ai, can't lose.


Lost to Mage AI
Tournament still takes way too long since the rounds (of particular type, say preset team) start only once every hour.

.ru announcement
I've never seen a guy throw a game as well as this elf :/
Looking for a partner lvl15, i have wizard castle only but happy for you to chose build for me
The prize money looks fairly small to me, considering how many people will end up with golds.
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