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Thank you Nazra!

AuthorThank you Nazra!

I have had the pleasure to meet many wonderful people. But Nazra was one of the most selfless. He took over the treasurer role and went above & beyond. He was always ready to spend his RL time. There were times when Ekkie was stressed or I was stressed, he would always try to find the solution to the problem. And he was a doer. He never backed down in the face of any war.

I would like to thank him for his services to EFL, and by extension, to the community. We would not be where we are but for him. I have talked to him, laughed with him, made fun of him and above all, respected him. It is hard to say this but I also care for him a lot more than I think is wise.

Thank you for everything you did, Nazra! I hope you come back. We will never find a treasurer who is as selfless or as committed. You are a champion. History books will not record what your contribution was or what it will be because of the processes you brought in, but for what it is worth, our hearts will remember you with fondness and awe. I have never felt happier having gold contributed to the clan. You always always brightened our day. We will miss you and we will never be able to replace you.

Thank you for everything.
I feel bad that he left. He is one of the few players i actually talk to.

our hearts will remember you with fondness and awe

Thank you nazra!
Glad that he left, was too immature for the clan anyway
Glad that he left, was too immature for the clan anyway

I disagree, but that is just your opinion. And Nazra, always stood for freedom of speech. He will be the first one to admonish me for writing this. The reality is that we let someone awesome like Nazra go. I cannot believe how we can be so incompetent :/
This situation is stupid. Nazra thanks for being here.

Zod cut the crap seriously.
Zod cut the crap seriously.

I was only being honest.
Thanks naz! I will miss you :(
Thanks naz! I will miss you :(

Not just as a clan mate, as a friend too. Divit and you are the best people I know. I am literally kicking myself in the nuts.
Go like a boomerang Nazra!
Close this thread.
closed by Meshy (2019-06-08 21:15:38)
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