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Raised living unit procced bad morale

AuthorRaised living unit procced bad morale
In my lg battles, I use mummies to raise my armies, this causes all my living units to get 2 morale penalty. However, in this combat I raised both thunderbirds and dogs, to turn them both into raised corpses (thus 0 morale on both), yet, thunderbirds still froze in fear even with 0 morale.

This cost me the battle.

It happened again.
Probably read game rules how 0 morale works :P
Cursed behemoths have "intimidation Aura"
I think there is a bug which is not showing you, that the morale is negative.

Any raised dead through mummy is counted as "living dead" troops, hence -2 morale for living creatures.
and -3 through intimidation aura from cursed behemoths
It happened again.

Same for this
you have -2 morale,

Check in the "effects" part info of the troops
it will show you there
In LG there is not any morale penalty for living creatures when raising. Either it is a purpose of admins or just a bug. Your creatures freezed only because of intimidation aura.
No morale penalty for raising creatures seems to be fixed now, I got -2 morale in recent battle
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