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ICC Worldcup Finale : England vs Newzealand 14th July


AuthorICC Worldcup Finale : England vs Newzealand 14th July
Congratz to both the teams for reaching final, Although as an indian fan i feel sad india got eliminated in semis but the positive side we lost to the finalists and there will be a new champion team which has never won the worldcup before.

Funny that starsports india kicked the avertisement for indian campaign by making a joke of englands FIFA WC line "It is coming home" and now they almost have a real chance.

Goodluck to both teams :D
I cheer for England!!
They deserve this cup.
Deserve idk.
On paper, India had most dominant team; on both batting and bowling department. Rain was unfortunate which resulted into this.
But anyways, looking forward to finals. :)
Where has this thread been all world cup! Going into the group match against India it looked all over for England and i am glad we got the chance to banish the australian demons in the semis. Both semis just go to show the importance of having your top order put a platform up, jadeja and dhoni brought it close but were left too much to do. Williamson and Taylor really important for new zealand as they always seem to get a good partnership
Williamson was actually quite remarkable and consistent throughout the series.. I'd definitely vote him MVP of series.
I would agree with that for sure, big fan of him from his time at yorkshire
I won't agree about Williamson being the MVP. How many times have we seen 5 hundreds in a CWC. Though Rohit wasn't upto expectations in the semi-final, but he almost carried India's batting line up throughout the tournament.
I am mad on ICC about the kind of pitches they prepared this WC. Never seen an English pitch behave so slow.
Sigh... England...
I was so happy when India had done fantastic bowling against the black caps.
But then the top order batsmen got demolished like bowling pins. GG to dhoni and jadeja for trying so hard. Maybe if the pitch wasn't so slow due rain we might have been able to win.

Anyways, my luck is with the black caps! Hope they win for being in such a juggernaut form since the beginning of the tournament
England need 115 runs
NZ - 241/8 (50.0 Ovs)
ENG - 127/4 (32.1 Ovs)
CRR: 3.95
RR : 6.45
Think im having a heart attack
lol draw match
If boult won't have stepped on the boundry while taking catch , would be over by now for england.
Mee too)
The World Cup final is a tie. Do we have a replacement for the 1999 semi-final?
But the event of the moment - is the dive that deflected for four overthrows.
England wins
A draw match , a draw super over ffs
But a win for England
Dont even know who made the run out, won it off overthrows and a stepping on the boundary
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