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Author[Repair][80%][82% cost]
Repair service efficiency 80% for 82% of cost.

Transfer to Elrond by choosing “Transfer to Repair”.

Choose 82% repair cost.

Offer is valid as long as this thread is not locked by me.

For shop items, your repair cost will be about same as item price in shop or facility. Do it if you do not want to overpay on the market or move on map or there is nothing available in facility.

Service also suited for:
- increased dura items - you can repair until dura decreases below normal
- rare items with lower durabilities
- enchanted items with lower durabilities

For such cases mostly it will pay off more than doing 90% for 100+% cost repair.

I log in 10-15 times per day so you should get fast service.

Thanks :)
no queue now :)
just 2 arts in queue
no queue now
no queue now
no queue now
No queue now
no queue now
3 arts in queue now (ca 9h repair queue)
1 item in queue
i item in queue
no queue now
1 item in queue (4h)
No queue
no queue now
1 item in queue (2h)
no queue
no queue now
1 item in queue now
2 arts in queue now
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