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Exchange Imperial Arts

AuthorExchange Imperial Arts
It would be a nice improvment if we could be able to exchange our own imperial parts.
-For example we could exchange 2 parts of ring to get 1 part of another but random imperial art (or not random but worse scenario ie. 3->1 )
-Or exchange directly with other player but with better option than 20 parts for 1 part (maybe 10->1 )
What you are suggesting is a method that will make it cheaper for you to obtain imperial arts, which is the exact opposite of why the admins even designed the imperial arts :(
One of these 2 things is sure to happen- Either they introduce a new set to counter Imperial set Or they will give more chances to collect imperial arts. It will take some time.
Yeah, I think they will cycle back round the arts
We will soon come to know if they will cycle it or not. I think cloak is the last art of the set. Or dunno if they make imperial set into something like temporal set by introducing mage arts like staff, cape and mage rings.
: P
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