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AuthorTactical Leaders' Tournament
Those who are willing to be content with little success will not see great glory – one of the principles professed within the walls of the Leaders’ Guild. Therefore, the guild’s leadership did not rest on their laurels after the successful launch of several tournaments, but decided to continue to develop their idea, and bring a little more diversity to it. So, before the walls of the tournament arena have forgotten the passions of absentee confrontation of leadership strategies, it was the each leader’s turn to personally bring the most loyal of their followers to the battle, and to demonstrate the highest skill of tactical command to the whole Empire, and each opponent!

Lords and Ladies! Fearless leaders! Those who have waited for it, rejoice! Those who were afraid of it, tremble! The Leaders’ Guild announces the quick start of the first ever Tactical Leaders' Tournament. Don't miss the opportunity to take part in this historic event and prove your tactical skills to the whole Empire in the competition for the main prize money and special achievements, all for a modest entry fee!


Please note that this tournament will henceforth be included in the tournament schedule in one common slot of the leadership tournaments. Thus, Leaders' and Tactical Leaders' Tournaments will alternate on a regular basis. Keep an eye on the tournament section so that you don't miss another event in the age of the Empire.

Lords and Ladies, before the tournament starts, you need to join and recruit only one army from your reserve of the Leaders' Guild followers.

The tournament will be divided into groups of 256 participants. Duration – 8 rounds, combats – single elimination. Round one begins at 10:00, round two – at 11:00, etc. In this case, the Hero can personally command their troops in battle, or assign this responsibility to the AI. Creatures, as before, do not die, and artifacts do not degrade.

If the Hero does not appear on the battlefield at the appointed time, control of their troops will be transferred to the AI. If the Hero misses a turn, the turn will also be made automatically. If the battle lasts longer than 40 minutes, all units on the battlefield will be automatically controlled.

At the end of each round, the winner will be able to change the set of units in their army for the next battles.

The format of the battles is single duel. The winner will advance to the next round.

For each victory, Heroes will be awarded points towards the Commanders' Guild and the Leaders’ Guild, and gold, and each round the award will increase. In each combat there is a chance to receive one part of a random Imperial artifact.

The winner will be awarded with 2 parts of random Imperial Artifacts. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places will be awarded with 1 such part each.

After the tournament is finished, all participants will receive a message regarding their progress and awards.

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