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Survilurgs in the castle!

AuthorSurvilurgs in the castle!
The revelation about the fate of Prince Albrecht dealt a crushing blow to the morale of Tolgar. Although his guilt lay in events that had occurred far beyond the sea, the leader of the dwarves still believed that he failed his nephew. This thought did not give the old dwarf peace. Only active participation in the military for the Empire has given him the distractions that he needed. To challenge the brave men, to vent anger on the defenders of the past - those were crude, yet very effective distractions. But in pursuit of "combat oblivion", Tolgar forgot about another duty imposed on him by the Empire - to ensure the security of the royal castle at its southern borders. The enemy does not forgive such mistakes!

Brave Lords and Ladies, alarming news came from Kingdom Castle! The enemy, under the cover of night, has seized the castle and established control over the nearby fortifications. No doubt this was the work of the survilurgists, but intelligence reports that in the ranks of their legions there are armies of dwarves from the Clan of Fire. It is not yet known what connects them, but we will deal with them afterwards. Now Her Majesty the Empress orders that the castle be returned to the power of the Empire as soon as possible!

Battle briefing:
1) Lords and Ladies of combat level 5 or above are allowed to participate. Only shop artifacts are allowed. Enchantments work and are recommended.
2) You can join the siege from any area.
3) The offensive is carried out by two Heroes. The battle will begin immediately after the pair is formed.
4) During a siege, it is necessary to win two battles in a row, overcoming two enemy defenses. After that, it will be possible to attack the castle and fight the enemy general and his guards.
5) Note that the artifacts lose durability only upon losing a battle or at the end of the 3rd battle (the battle with the general). That is, for a full series of three battles, it is enough that artifacts have 1 point in durability.
6) It is very important to preserve the army in each battle, because the restoration of the units is possible only after a loss or victory in the final battle.
7) Survilurg armies are a major part of the enemy forces, but be prepared for a surprise encounter with dwarf armies of the Fire Clan.
8) You can participate in a siege no more than 6 times a day. Unused attempts are carried over to the next day.
9) By order of the Empress, the castle must be retaken within 8 days (by the end of August 9th), +2 days to complete cleaning up the enemy's forces (the end of August 11th).
10) For each victory, you can get creature armaments, MG points, MG elements, as well as some points that can be used to improve your own units.
11) As the units are improved, they can gain parameters and/or new abilities; all improvements will work only within the framework of this military campaign.
12) It is not known exactly what improvement can be made to which unit and at which level. This information must be obtained by the Heroes themselves. It is recommended to address this in a forum.
13) Unit improvements can be reset and redistributed for a small amount of gold.
14) The closer the Heroes get to the walls of the castle, the more points a victory will bring. Heroes will also be rewarded with additional points for eliminating enemy generals.
15) It is possible to request pairing with one of the Heroes from the list of friends.
16) Heroes with the highest number of enemy generals defeated and the highest number of points will be generously rewarded by the Empire.

The Empire recognizes the special importance of this military campaign and therefore guarantees parts of a special artifact as additional encouragement for each Hero’s personal success:

Heroes will be awarded one part of the Imperial cloak for each defeated general, as well as up to 20 additional parts depending on the number of points.

For the duration of this military campaign, the artifact shop offers 40% discount on the lease of enchanted artifacts (leasing time is reduced to 30 days).

To battle!
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