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Translate and Show, Alt Dwarf Monster Skills

AuthorTranslate and Show, Alt Dwarf Monster Skills

None of the Skills of the Alt Dwarf monsters, show.
(The AoE Fear of Bear, the On-Hit Firewall cast of Dragons... And so on).
So I can guess they arent translated, or they just forgot to add them in ".Com".

I know Im very very redundant with translations...
But since this will be a MAJOR issue the next weeks (When Alt Dwarf comes?), I suppose ".Com" Players wanna know what the abilities do EXACTLY, and the Scalings, and so on.
(Yes, they can go to HoMM V Wiki and check, but that is not OK).

Shubhamboyal, or Meshy, or whoever is active in the ICC, please pass this Request
(If they arent working on it ATM, that is, maybe they are translating as Im writing this, IDK.)

Nvm I sent some PMs.
closed by Meshy (2019-08-02 16:25:59)
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