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[Repair][20%][20% Cost]

Author[Repair][20%][20% Cost]
The same price for all.

At this rate it worth it to repair non-extended dura arts usually only once.
For example, 0/70 Helmet of Dawn (CpB 105.59) after repair will have 14/69 dura and new CpB 105.39. But after next repair it would be 112.46.
Some arts doesn't worth it to repair even once, e.g. Sword of Harmony 0/46 had CpB 134.3 and after repair it will have 135.78
The rule is that it always worth it to repair non-extended dura arts at rate 20/20 when they have 0/X0 durability, where X stands for whatever number and the same for 0/X5.
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