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Satyr can't cast thrice

AuthorSatyr can't cast thrice
Satyr can cast confer morale only twice in combat. I'm never able to cast a third time. This has been the case for the past week or so.
Earlier, I thought they couldn't cast on themself, since I only had 2 main troops. Now, I see that they can't cast on anything at all the third time.
It's still not addressed.
Does this require daily reminders?
Also broken:
Confer luck by Leprechauns doesn't count as holy spell for Golden Scarabs, while Confer Morale by Satyrs does. Fix it fellas.
for ProZyk:
I'm not sure posting here counts as a reminder if the admins aren't reading or if nobody is relaying to admins.

Best to just spam the .Ru forums (not literally obviously)
So I understood the problem.
Golden scarabs count as one of the units you're casting on.

So if no scarabs --> 3 casts
1 scarab --> 2 casts
2 scarabs --> 1 cast
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