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Change back the old combat style on mobile devices

AuthorChange back the old combat style on mobile devices
This look is awfull, anoying and laggy on some devices. Unable to see numbers clearly, too much brightness and when opening the combat chat window on the bottom, the battlefield turns brown for a moment. I dont know why you tried to change the old look (witch was pretty good imo) but i have to give a little thumbs up to admins beacuse I can see that they are always trying to improve something.
Please, make this game better by going a step back now, beacuse this new thing is bad.
For me its now literally unplayable with a turn timer on mobile, surely there should be an option of html high or low quality so we can go back to the old style if our system cant support it. Surely the only option for a 'browser' game cant be go buy a better device/graphics card to play it
I think you should be only patient, this new version of html5 combats is not definitive...
Did not see the post about this, but there is one now.
closed by god_mom (2020-01-11 22:30:22)
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