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[Event] [Dungeon Caves] [Recruited troops not showing up in battle]

Author[Event] [Dungeon Caves] [Recruited troops not showing up in battle]
Hello Admins.

The event is bugged. I lost troops in troop settlement.

Had recruited a bunch of death envoys in my army, which never showed up in the troop settlement. I checked after the fight in my army to confirm if I hadn't removed them by mistake. But they WERE present in my army.


Happened again in next combat as well:

Had removed them and re recruited them again before fighting the next fight.
The bug is still there.

Is there a way to raise an official ticket to the admins?

I can't understand this.

It has costed me so many battles now.
I collected 5 huge stacks of large creatures only to realize they are recruitable but don't show up on the battle field. It took so many battles to collect them! Could have captured 3 stacks of small creatures instead!

Tried this with flash and html versions of the game.

Simply non-sense.

And then admins expect us to buy 120 diamonds from this game.
Army Recruitment - http://prntscr.com/sdfijw

2 battles from today:-

Tried recruiting treefolk as well in one of these fights to check if the issue is with just death envoys. Treefolk were also missing from troops on battlefield.
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