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The imperial rescue squads continued their confident march through the endless caves of gloomy dungeons. Ahead of the vanguard, in the yellowish light of crystals, the outlines of the last enemy fortifications became visible. The underground savages were clutching their weapons tighter by the minute, preparing for the inevitable conflict. Suddenly, the sounds of the inexorably approaching battle stilled the nervous whispering, reminiscent of a gentle breeze of wind. At the same moment, the savage's commander turned to the wall of darkness and bent one knee. After a moment, all the remaining warriors followed his example.

"- The sanctuary is lost, great prophet" the commander said in a cold and calm tone, without raising his eyes.
"- The king appreciated your loyalty" a strange voice answered, sounding very low and at the same time like a multi-voiced whisper, echoing as if from everywhere "- Go, give the enemy one last battle, and the darkness will welcome you into its arms. For if you are borne into it, you will find the salvation you've been waiting for".
"- Yes, great prophet" the commander replied confidently, strengthening his grip again and finally raising his determined gaze.

Lords and Ladies, the forces of underground savages are completely broken - and this stage of rescue operation can be considered completed. The thousands of prisoners who have been released express immense gratitude to their saviors! Let the feats accomplished down there remain in the shadow of history. The Empire knows the names of its brave Lords and Ladies and is ready to celebrate each of them, who won 15 battles or more, with a well-deserved reward and a trophy artifact. The strength of the artifact depends on the final strength of the entire army and the combat level of the Lord/Lady.


All Lords/Ladies who have gained an army of total strength from 700, were awarded parts of the Dark cloak from 1 to 30 pieces. The number of parts depends on the total strength of the entire army.

All Heroes who have won at least one victory, can get a reward for participation in gold! The award depends on the number of victories, the strength of the final army and the combat level of the Lord/Lady. Gold is given out on the event page of underground caves.

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