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script to buy items in market

Authorscript to buy items in market
Hello I thing this player buy items with low prices using an script or automation https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=1142475

He bought an item from me 1 second after I put it and by mistake I did not added an extra 0, it felt like a robb

*I think.. *a script.. you can see why I missed a 0 in my market lot xd
31-05-2020 09:53:35: Goods sold out.
31-05-2020 09:53:35: probationer acquired 1 pcs.
31-05-2020 09:51:15: Displayed for sale: Dungeon crossbow [i] [59/59] 2000 gold each. Auction expiry: 03-06-2020 09:51:00. Seller: King_Luigi

It doesn't look like he is using a script. He bought it after 2 minutes. In that amount of time anyone could have bought it.
idk man, idk how those thing works, I asked him kindly if I could get back my item and he didn't answer even he was "online"
closed by Beliar (2020-11-02 19:09:07)
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