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AuthorFreight Delivery
It's a new event lads!
"New" is too much said :)
Here is the link from .ru
Sorry, lets rephrase

It's a newly repeated event Lads!
Ok what faction to use?
Demon! One shot the pirates before they one shot you XD
Economy and ships

1) For each ton of transported resources, the Hero receives 1 unit. silver;
2) For silver, the imperial workshops are ready to improve the guns on the existing ship or sell a new one, more spacious and with a large number of ship guns;
3) Ships have strength, each trip to the East Island reduces it by one. You should carefully monitor this and timely change your ship to a more advanced one;
4) The more tons of materials for construction the Hero carries, the stronger the army of the pirate attacking him;
5) The ship has restrictions on the minimum and maximum load of goods. The Empire values ​​its fleet and does not release ships from the harbor without the minimum allowable load;
6) When losing, the Hero loses 100% of the cargo on board;
7) Prices for the purchase of goods on the island change at the beginning of each hour;
8) The parameters of the guns depend on their improvements and the level of the Hero, but do not depend on the parameters of the Hero.


1) A personal ship is waiting for each hero in one of the areas: Port City , Mithril Coast , Korolest Castle ;
2) Cargo will be transported for 7 days, until June 29 (+2 days for the end of the fighting, until July 1 inclusive);
3) Fights are possible only in artifacts from the store , improvements on artifacts do not work;
4) The Empire will generously reward the heroes who delivered the most tons of goods to the island;
5) On the day you can leave the port no more than 12 successful voyages , unused attempts to deliver the goods are postponed the next day (Maximum wins: 84);
6) For each victorious battle Heroes from the 5th combat level will receive a +1 point to the Guild of Mercenaries;
7) When defeating the pirates, there is a chance to get creature artifacts.
Ideally maximise fleet cap everytime available, only questions are max level of ship (Presumably 7 w 6 cannon) and how hard it becomes every upgrade.
Went max-5 for about 3 battles
Rest were max

Hauls: 12
Victories: 12
Freight delivered: 690.00 t.
Profit: 2,248 g.
What does the unload button do?
Unloads all the load so you can load again
Just a thought...
since it is 12 victories per day...so you do not loose tries if you fail (tested by stupidity)...and if we get Leaders day in next few days..so that you can attract higher % of LG troops.

Would it be worth trying with min AP...and if you win its ok, if you loose you get more troops....not sure if its worth regarding money...at the end depends on luck what you get :D
Now that you have put an idea, admins won't schedule leaders day

Well if you are going with min ap the drop won't affect much as it's ap dependent. It's just that you have unlimited battles.
Ok, thanks. I was scared that by unloading it would just remove materials from ship but not refund gold to me. But they are refunding as well
Min ap for event i mean...you still need quite e a lot of ap for battle...but admins do not read .com forums, or dot they? :)
I have started with a fury barb shooter build, with good arts it is an easy win with max cargo on the first ship
Max on second ship with no cannon upgrades is easy enough as well


Should mean you can have a perfect start for first 2 ships at least.
Hauls: 13
Victories: 12
Freight delivered: 640.00 t.
Profit: 2,558 g.
Elixirs work as well btw
Third ship is doable on max as well, though obviously getting tighter on the win by then

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