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Pirates Siege!

AuthorPirates Siege!
While all the attention of the inhabitants of the Empire was fixated on the results of a great competition, somewhere far south-east of its shores trouble brewed. At the heart of an unexplored archipelago gathered a whole flotilla of pirate ships. Most of the crews had already landed safely on the island's wharf and filled almost all of the free space of a small pirate settlement, which stretched across the base of a steep cliff with a small cave descending to an altitude of several tens of meters. Those who did not have enough space were crowded in numerous boats along the coast. Suddenly, at some point, the unceasing gallery began to slacken sharply when the outlines of the local leader - Captain Redbeard - appeared in that cave hollow.

"Once upon a time, I believed in my king," the pirate leader said loudly and confidently. Even after he lost his kingdom, my faith was strong. I believed that under his wise rule, we could build a new kingdom, that one day we would be able to call home. But I was wrong. My king betrayed me! He betrayed my faith! He betrayed my dream... And when my whole world fell into the abyss of despair, I met a strange old man who called himself a prophet. He spoke in strange riddles, but among all his chatter I heard the most important words: "Take everything from life and do not ask anyone". And that's when I realized I could build my own kingdom. A kingdom of freedom and opportunity for those who, like me, had been deceived by their rulers. And I have gathered you all here under the banners of our new home! I have given you opportunities! But... I've forgotten about freedom. For too long I have relied on the foggy prophecies of a mad old man, quietly watching as these pathetic land rats mow about on their shore, occasionally sticking their noses into our affairs and showing their rat teeth. Enough of these far-fetched restrictions! It's time to take control of our destiny! It's time to sow death!" as Redbeard finished his speech, raising his hands to wave of jubilation immediately flowing from the crowd. However, only a couple of moments later, the rapturous shouts calmed down slightly, and the air was filled with a sense of anxiety, when a hail of lightning fell from the sky, illuminating the outlines of the ships approaching from the east of the dead armada.

Lords and Ladies, large pirate forces attacked the prison fortress on the Eastern Island again. To prevent a riot or escape of the prisoners, it is necessary to break through the surroundings and bring to the island the materials necessary for the restoration of the fortress. However, be careful, the storm winds bring the scent of alarm from the sea.

All Lords and Ladies of at least 3rd combat level can go to the Harbor City to take part in the operation to restore the island fortress and battle the pirates that are besieging it. Fights with pirates are held in 1 on 1 format.

Economy and ships

1. You’ll receive 1 unit of silver for each ton of cargo you deliver.
2. In exchange for silver, imperial workshops are ready to upgrade cannons on an existing ship or provide a new and more spacious ship sporting more cannons.
3. Each ship has limited durability, reduced by one with every trip to East Island. Make sure to closely monitor this and upgrade your ship wisely.
4. The more materials you transport, the stronger pirate you’ll face.
5. Each ship has a minimum and maximum cargo capacity. The Empire cherishes its fleet and will not release ships from the harbor with less than a minimum load.
6. If you are defeated in a sea battle, 100% of the cargo on board is lost.
7. Goods prices on the island change every hour on the hour.
8. The parameters of ship cannons are determined by your character’s combat level and any cannon upgrades you purchase, but do not depend on your character’s stats.

Other details

1. A personal ship awaits each hero at Harbor City, Mithril Coast, Kingdom Castle.
2. Cargo may be transported for seven days, through June 29. Two additional days will be allowed for players to complete their remaining attempts, until July 1 inclusive.
3. Only shop artifacts are allowed, and enchantments have no effect.
4. The Empire will generously reward those who deliver the most cargo to the island.
5. You may leave the harbor up to 12 times a day. Any unused attempts carry over to the next day(s).
6. Lords or Ladies from the 5th combat level will receive +1 point of the Mercenaries' guild for each victorious battle;
7. You may earn creature armaments for defeating pirates.

The accomplishments of each Lord and Lady will be further recognized with are artifacts parts:


For 10 victories: +1 part;
For 20 victories: +3 parts;
For 30 victories: +4 parts;
For 60 victories: +5 parts;
For 80 victories: +8 parts.

You may also receive up to 30 Dark dagger parts depending on your personal contribution to this war effort.

Raise the sails, yarr!
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