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Shareholders voting

AuthorShareholders voting
Dear Lord and Ladies!

Today all facility shareholders received their first dividends. 21,350,400 of gold was paid out. Moreover, each facility received its own closed shareholders forum.

It's time for the next step - production management. At this moment, any shareholder can make a proposal to change the selling price of an artifact or to change the production profile to a new one. The object profile can only be changed to the artifact production that is already being produced in the Empire and only to the same type. Weapon production can only be changed to weapons production, armor production - only to armor, jewelry production - only to jewelry. The proposal will be automatically accepted / rejected as soon as 51 votes or more are received. One shareholder can make his proposals no more often than once an hour and no more than one at a time. The artifact price and profile cannot be changed more often than once every 3 hours. In the near future, only holders of more than one share will be able to submit proposals.

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