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Cant open spell book

AuthorCant open spell book
I couldn't open my spell book doing CG , please fix this bug because its not possible to play.
Clear cookies and caches. That worked for me, had the same issue. :)
It does NOT work , only works on flash, sad that we have problems like this. Please get it sorted out or play your game yourself
Issue needs quick adressing, lost battles due to this (
Is it do do with the game unavailable error or something different?
This happened with me too. Lost a hunt because I wasn't able to open spellbook and cast phantom. This glitch is quite frequent in HTML5 mode. Haven't seen it occuring in flash. Please fix it soon. :)
for merlin36:
Nothing to do with game unavailable error. It's different. It is just that you can't open spellbook during a combat. Everything rest remains normal.
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