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Villages are safe once more!

AuthorVillages are safe once more!
The brutality of the bandits knew no boundaries. Sometimes it even seemed that these hordes of ruthless souls were more bloodthirsty than greedy. And yet the valiant defenders of the Empire managed to contain the fierce onslaught of the enemy and force them to flee. At least this was the impression in the Empire's capital, although the reality was a little different.

"Come on, come on, come on!" - the chief robber was giving orders from the top of a menacing-looking giant lizard, pointing in the direction of the nearest apartment building. Then, as if to show what is what, the robber grabbed a flame bomb and shouted, "Catch a present, you dogs!", throwing it over the roof of the building on the opposite side, while his mates laughed at this as if he had said something funny. His attention was then diverted by a dust storm coming his way. As it approached nearer, it was actually a watch party that was running towards him as if it had just seen a ghost.
- "There it was..." The watchman shouted from 10 feet away, pulled his mask off his face, took a deep breath, and continued, "The boss! The boss! He has sent word!"
- "What is it?" - The chief asked without much interest.
- "It’s a big deal, brother!" - the messenger answered, with a crooked grin on his face,
- "Can it really be?!" - He became a little tense and in an almost cynical tone.
- "I’ll give you a sample!" - The sentinel opened his pouch, reaching inside. "The gold of the pharaohs awaits us, brother" his words hardly recognizable as he mouthed from between a repulsive smile.
- "What a wonderful day" - The chief replied in a satisfied tone, scratching his face from under his hideous mask, and started to hum a happy tune with his whistling while getting ready to depart.

Unfortunately, his merry mood was interrupted by a flurry of imperial arrows hitting him as they rained from the sky. "On no, was that not your plan, brother…?", the watchman mocked, the irony in his voice not even trying to disguise itself. "Don't worry though, your share won't be wasted", the most insidious of grins on his lips as he gazed on the writhing body of the dead lizard. The robber then hurriedly pulled back his mask over his face, jumped on his ram, and rushed away. From a distance, you could see the dust forming a far-off boundary as the robbers from all around retreated out of sight running away.

Dear Lord and Ladies, the robber's raid is repulsed - and the imperial villages are safe again! Warlord Grammith expresses the Empire’s sincerest gratitude to everyone who took part in the settlement defense and, in his long letter, personally notes and commemorates the successes of the best warriors.

All Lords and Ladies who won 10 or more battles will be awarded with a trophy artifact and an achievement dependent on the combat level. Artifact durability depends on the final count (W*100 + C, where W = number of victories, and C = remained inhabitants):


All Lords and Ladies who have fought all 72 battles will be awarded with 10 parts of the Dark Ring. In addition, all those who have shown good results will additionally be awarded with up to 10 parts of the artifact.

All Lords and Ladies who have won at least one victory can receive an award for participation in gold. The award depends on the number of victories and the Lord’s combat level. Gold can be collected from the Settlement Defense page.

The names of top 100 defenders will forever be listed in this land’s annals of history!

 Lord VictoriesPopulationPoints
1.PonseLeon [6]727,35214,552
2.Александр - [5]727,29714,497
3.AnBlocked [10]727,25914,459
4.Герой_17 [7]727,24914,449
5.#1535вира-маг [11]727,14414,344
6.#8502БронетемкинПоносец [7]726,99614,196
7.#41барс_с_ук [14]726,96914,169
8.FireScorpion [6]716,99614,096
9.DOL-P-HIN [10]726,88814,088
10.#928Фиркаг-некр [14]716,89713,997
11.#1787Vladyka_Demonov [11]726,78013,980
12.#933Каструлька [10]716,82013,920
13.Стагнация [9]716,79913,899
14.#414Деплойд [10]716,78213,882
15.Протопоп [10]716,77613,876
16.#9426Irinael [10]716,75013,850
17.#414Барс_ [9]726,64213,842
18.#2230Anakreont [12]726,63113,831
19.#249sir Alistan [9]716,65613,756
20.яритэ [13]716,65213,752
21.#7490Blindspot [8]716,63213,732
22.#1535alex-buh [14]726,52713,727
23.#73Wings of Aurora [10]716,60513,705
24.#928a_yakovin [14]716,57613,676
25.двинасс [6]706,62613,626
26.#7490Ignis aurum probat [11]726,41813,618
27.#1209Phoenix333 [19]716,50613,606
28.#5152Пест [13]716,43913,539
29.#8433Проехидн [11]716,43313,533
30.#41Phonon [13]726,32613,526
31.#2517Vinkersa [13]726,31513,515
32.#276Ричард Лев [13]726,27713,477
33.#2230Евгений_13 [11]716,36513,465
34.Warrior King [7]726,26113,461
35.#7705Ryric [13]716,29613,396
36.#7490Picard [10]706,38313,383
37.Hard Warrior [5]706,38213,382
38.Aaron La Fluer [8]706,37213,372
39.#928Master_LEE [16]726,16113,361
40.#1512Скрудж_Макдак [14]726,10713,307
41.#104ZandragaD [14]716,15713,257
42.Мрак591 [10]706,23913,239
43.#2902-Лояльный- [8]716,12613,226
44.BMWshka [5]696,28013,180
45.#928Lord Ragnaros [18]706,17213,172
46.#7490МиЛЛионерЪ [15]725,92013,120
47.Mad Floki [5]706,11613,116
48.#57Шрэк и осел [12]716,01113,111
49.#104Svoi [18]725,85913,059
50.#933Jesco [14]706,04213,042
51.BloodCragHack [14]725,81713,017
52.Dreu [10]706,00813,008
53.#5722BalanceofPowe [13]715,89912,999
54.#933Роджер [14]715,89612,996
55.#73ELIKSEN_ [7]696,05312,953
56.Neilyxa [9]715,82312,923
57.#2902BigDaddySam [9]696,02212,922
58.#782Panin [6]705,91512,915
59.OpiumProject [9]705,91312,913
60.#928Grey Wolf [17]705,89512,895
61.feronek [6]715,78012,880
62.ЭльфСПрутиком [10]695,97012,870
63.#1209Бог Ра [12]725,66912,869
64.#997ТеньДьявола [12]725,66312,863
65.#104-Корво Аттано- [14]715,75912,859
66.#7490The Phantasm [7]705,81912,819
67.коша_вредный [14]695,90212,802
68.#15BanShiV [13]715,68612,786
69.Искромбус [7]725,57712,777
70.Ogranom [13]705,75712,757
71.Карго [7]685,95012,750
72.Very very old [7]705,74812,748
73.#933Медведюшка [14]715,63512,735
74.#9426Krum [6]695,80912,709
75.#73Yaytso [11]725,48112,681
76.#1209Khal Drogo SV [12]715,57812,678
77.Гипермион [5]705,58112,581
78.#8502Мария Мутола [9]685,77012,570
79.#5063Hn1van [10]685,75612,556
80.Как получится [10]695,65312,553
81.#997мальбором [13]705,52612,526
82.Аббадано [10]695,61512,515
83.#73pandem0n1um [13]695,58912,489
84.#933Мищь [14]705,44912,449
85.#276Rmsi [15]705,38112,381
86.#41Edmond_Dantes [14]715,27012,370
87.Longtime [11]715,26812,368
88.geronr [7]685,55312,353
89.GOODZINI [8]685,55312,353
90.ser1976 [10]715,24112,341
91.#3346Dalnii [12]715,23612,336
92.суммара [5]695,42512,325
93.МИША777 [8]675,60812,308
94.Dikobraz [7]705,23612,236
95.#1597_Hervind_ [13]715,12312,223
96.#1209DanTe_E [13]715,12312,223
97.Времявпустую [8]705,16312,163
98.#5169Ходжа-Насреддин [8]675,42512,125
99.#1209Некроперекач [18]715,02212,122
100.#7490Zahir [14]705,10112,101
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