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A lot that is strange and wondrous lurks in the expanse of the Northern Desert. Just the name itself already arouses expectations of adventure into the unknown, and if someone finds themself in the captivity of the seemingly endless stretches of sand, they should be ready for anything. Mirages are the least of what unprepared guests can expect.

Somewhere behind the positions on the main front, a tired hero sat in the shadows under a huge bone of some unknown beast sticking out of the sand. With a heavy sigh, he glanced in the direction of the tattered field camp, where the main forces of his army were regaining strength after another defeat, and unwittingly, his mind wandered off to reflect on their future actions. A raid on another well-guarded caravan? Or to return and take revenge on those scoundrels who had settled in the nearest fortress? It was possible, of course, to wait for new reinforcements from the Castle of the Pharaohs, but will they come tomorrow? His heart wanted to rush into battle without waiting; if he kept waiting for the next day, he might end up watching the war unfold away from the front line. And as if duty had woken him up from his stupor, anger masquerading as a scowl on his face, the hero firmly grabbed the hilt of the dagger that he had thrown it into the sand nearby.

- "The weapon can be spoilt if you do not treat it well..." a pleasant voice said, with only a slight hint of irony. The hero shuddered momentarily at this sudden unexpected intrusion into the calm, and immediately turned to look at the guest. A dark old man in a black turban with a veil on his face dressed in rags of the same colour.
- "Who the hell are you?" - the hero cautiously asked, still grabbing the hilt of his dagger in anticipation.
- "I'm a traveller," said the stranger, "and I like to wander around these parts."
- It's a bad time you've chosen to wander. Really not a good time" he said, in a more restrained voice now, fatigue clearly showing.
- "Don't worry about me, soldier" the old man replied, gazing up at the military camp in the distance. "I see it's been a hard day, hasn't it. Would you like me to share a local secret?", he continued in a sly tone.
- "What kind of secret?" - asked the hero again. The fatigue a moment ago was replaced with expectation and anticipation.
- "There are many secrets in these parts of the world." the stranger shared. "Most people don't even notice them. But if you want to know them from all your heart, they will reveal themselves. Go in that direction", he said while pointing his outstretched hand towards the nearest dune, "and you'll see for yourself. Oh and by the way, do not forget to take your warriors with you - every secret is safely guarded. And it is indeed a pity that not just by those to whom it belongs..."

Having finished his speech, the old man started to plod away, leaving behind an intrigued hero still lost in his thoughts. "Wait...", he suddenly shouted at the wanderer, but the wanderer did not bother to look back, and soon his frame had merged into the distant mirage. "Strange...", mused the hero, clearly perplexed, now looking at a crow flying over his head that was headed in the direction indicated by the old man.

Lords and ladies! The fight has not been easy, but our cause is right. And now, the sands of the Northern Desert favour us with their gifts. However, the omnipresent robbers have already managed to get to them, and therefore we will have to first deal with these mischief-makers. For every 4 defeats in the Battle of the Pharaohs, you will unlock one stimulating battle against a small army of robbers. The reward for the battle will be 1000 silver. You are advised to be vigilant however, the robbers are unlikely to fight honourably.

These extra battles are not meant to encourage more losses in the event battles, but rather, should be seen as an alternative way forward by players who are stuck and not able to progress in defeating the robber caravans. To build all the structure and recruit the maximum possible army, it would be enough to just do all the caravan battles.

The event will now last till the 9th of August (inclusive).
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